Learn about our Project in Villa America, Peru

Clean Water for Villa America

The Treasure Valley EWB Chapter is pleased to announce that we were selected to partner with the Villa America community!

Project Purpose/Objectives:  Clean Water for Villa America

·         Provide better water for the homes for cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene that will improve health and lifestyle.
·         Reduce the incidence of water-borne and water-related disease.
  • The health of the families is the biggest need and challenge of this program-project.
  • Health problems such as parasites affect the children, their nutrition and growth. Other illnesses keep adults from working to provide for their families.
The first phase would involve getting the water from the Omaiz River to Villa America (6kms away). Villa America has 156 family plots that measure 20 kms x 40kms each.

Project Background: 

"The CPM of 7 de Junio is located in the district of Palcazu-Iscosazin in the provincia of Oxapampa, in the Pasco region/department of Peru. At almost sea level, it is a very humid and hot area, with temperatures ranging from 80-100 degrees F all year round. 7 de Junio has a population of approximately 2,500 people who live in 11 sectors that include 26 "caseríos" (smaller communities along the river). The 11 sectors are: Villa América, Conaz, Palma, Pampaccocha, Centro Esperanza, San Miguel, Comparachimas, Chispa, Centro Castilla, Peruto Alegre, and Pampa Hermosa."

The population live off the land, farming fruit, cacao, peanuts, yucca, etc. They hunt and fish locally. There are basic needs that are lacking in regards to health. The lack of water and sewer systems cause various health and hygiene problems. Some have a little electricity generated by a solar panel, but there is no electricity wiring system. There are basic medical posts in the majority of the communities, with a small clinic and hospital in Iscosazin, 1 hour away. 
We know that clean water would improve the lives of the entire community. It would better the nutrition and life expectancy of children, as well as their attendance and performance in school."

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